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Starbucks serenade with Elton John

Starbucks serenade with Elton John

Starbucks Serenade ‘with’ Elton John: Greetings to all my wonderful and gorgeous singagram devotees! Just a quickie to tell you about a very sweet booking from last week. I do often get last minute requests and of course if I can help, I will. I had a call from a gentleman called Rudi on Wednesday evening at 9.30pm to ask if I could sing for his wife on her birthday the following lunchtime in central London. The answer was yes, I was free, able and willing!

UK's #1 Sing-a-gram, Tristan LeeSarah, his wife, was shopping near Oxford Street and Rudi had told her that one of his cousins wanted to buy her a birthday cuppa in Starbucks on South Molton Street (other coffee outlets are available!) This, of course, was not true! Now, usually I am not a fan of husbands deceiving their wives but if it’s for the purposes of a lovely surprise then count me in. So, armed with a description of Sarah and at the appointed time I tentatively approached the rendezvous to look for my ‘prey’. Peeking through the window I could see a lady matching the description I’d been given so it was the moment to strike!

It rushed in and in a charming, gentle way asked her if she was Sarah. Thankfully it was indeed her and I asked told her I had a little surprise for her from her hubbie. She was initially quite uncertain but your reassuring singagram soon put her at her ease. Finding a more private area way from the crowds I delivered a special message from Rudi and sang ‘Your song’ by Elton John. It was a very gentle performance and Sarah shed a tear or two. What a lovely lady! She was exceedingly happy (although a little shell-shocked!) as we parted company. With a hug and a kiss she returned to Starbucks and to call Rudi! A few minutes later Rudi phoned to say how much she enjoyed it and to thank me. Job done! I was thrilled to have had the opportunity share some love! It really is angel’s work that I do so I’m off now to sprinkle more serenading magic…..