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First-time singagram

First-time singagram

People often ask me how I got started as a professional Singagram and why?! Well, in response to this and to clear up the all the media speculation I am delighted to share this with you all my loyal devotees! Picture the scene: the year is 2005 and having had a very dry spell from the performing scene I felt I needed to dip my toe back in the showbiz waters. I knew that my passion was and still is being an entertainer but was unsure how to best move forwards with my career as my desire to continue with musical theatre was diminishing. It was clear that I loved to sing, dress up, be my own boss and be involved with something unique, flexible and well

I had a couple of dance buddies that occasionally did strip-a-grams and it got me thinking about doing the same but with singing! I searched on the internet and found an agency that was looking for Singagarms so I sent my CV and a demo tape and Andy signed me up. I am forever in his debt for helping me take the first tentative steps.

First-time Singagram for Tristan – is a hit!

With no guarantee of work it was simply a case of waiting until the phone rang and just 2 weeks later in August 2005 it did! So with no experience of singing in this type of situation as the day approached I became more and more nervous.

Truly a giant leap into the unknown. The client was Sally and the plan was to approach her boyfriend James who was celebrating his 30th birthday in the beer garden of a busy pub located by the river in Hammersmith and simply start singing a capella (without music) and perform a couple of Stevie Wonder songs and “Happy Birthday” dressed in regular clothes. To say I was utterly terrified is an understatement! Yet I knew that if I could survive this first one then the rest would hopefully be less of a challenge.

So with knees knocking I went to the venue, rang the Sally to say I’d arrived and she informed me which one was James. I had no idea that the next 10 minutes would change my life! Considering it was my first Singagram performance it went surprisingly well. James was a really great sport, the crowd were enthusiastic and Sally was delighted. I was euphoric! To earn in 10 minutes what would have normally taken me a full days work in an office or busy restaurant was amazing. After celebrating the success of my very first singagram experience with a bottle or two of wine with a friend I realised that I’d stumbled across something that I wanted to do more of. I’d finally found my niche.

Over the next few months I gradually became busier and more experienced so I decided that I would start my own business. I was amazed that was still available so I bought the domain name and the rest is showbiz history! So folks that is the beginning of what has been and continues to be the best decision I have ever made. If that first booking had been a disaster then I doubt if I would have carried on. About four years later I got a phone call from Sally to ask if I’d sing for her work colleague who was leaving the company. I explained that my performance all those years ago was very first one! Thankfully she had no idea!