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‘Sound of Music’ housewarming

17 Apr Posted by in Singagram Video's | Comments
‘Sound of Music’ housewarming

This is the very first booking that ever appeared on YouTube five years ago when I was still quite new to Singagrams. I have performed hundreds of times but this particular booking ranks as one of my absolute favourites! I was hired to sing for Chris who was having a housewarming party at his new flat in central London.I remember it was a freezing cold night and waiting outside in my ‘Sound of Music’ outfit (lederhosen made out of curtains) my knees were knocking!!! I called the person who booked me and they met me and I was ushered into a bedroom until it was time for me to surprise Chris. I was a small flat but totally crammed with friends all keen to help Chris celebrate moving into a new place. So much of the success of a performance depends on how the ‘recipient’ reacts to me. Sometimes people are shy or just shocked, sometimes they interact and sing along but Chris was in a league of his own! He was such a good sport and happy joined in with the medley of songs from the ‘Sound of Music’. The crowd were also very enthusiastic. I always try to encourage people to sing or dance along with me. With a song like ‘Do Re Me’ with lots of movement the audience participation was amazing.

I am fully aware that sometimes people don’t know how to react when I surprise them and I completely respect that. As Chris was willing to do almost anything I asked I had lots of fun with him and he was a total joy to sing for! There are times when everything I do works; when I am firing on all cylinders and this was one of those times. It was such an amazing booking! Chris, wherever you are, I love you! I received a lovely email the following day to thank me for my performance and to inform me that the video was on YouTube. I was thrilled that I could have a record of that night forever.