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Valentine’s Day chocolate and flower sales may plummet

Valentine’s Day chocolate and flower sales may plummet

Latest research shows what a stressful time Valentine’s Day gift-buying is – with 78% of 25 to 55 year olds surveyed said they are unsure what to get their loved one; and 81% saying that they would dearly love to find an alternative to the normal, less original gifts such as flowers, chocolate or perfume.

Tristan James, of, the sponsor of the survey, feels these results strongly suggest that a Singagram would be the perfect, unique gift surprise for the big day on February 14th. “The Valentine’s period is always incredibly busy for me, with people looking for a Singagram from first thing in the morning; throughout the day at work as well as in the evening as a surprise during a romantic meal”.

When she saw the results of the survey, Juliette Smith, who is a Relationship Coach based in Maidenhead, Berkshire, said “I’m pleased that so many people are keen to put some more thought into surprising their loved one by planning something special and a bit different.  It could have a very positive impact upon any relationship, whether a partner, parent or friend and not just on Valentine’s Day.”

Could the popularity of Singagrams mean that people stop buying chocolates, flowers and perfume?! Tristan, based in West London, who has turned his passion for singing and entertaining into a successful and innovative business, said, “I don’t think we are a major threat to Cadbury’s or Interflora! It’s an honour for me to be able to provide a service that people will never forget, which will really show the recipient that their partner has thought outside the box. It’s not every day that someone turns up and serenades you with your favourite song; delivering a loving and personal message at the same time. This really allows them to create a special memory that they can cherish in the future”.